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Marie-Hortense Fiquet Cézanne (22 April 1850 – 1922) was a French artists' model.She is best known for her marriage to Paul Cézanne and the 27 portraits, mostly in . HR Software that adapts to you Join the digital HR revolution. Whether you have a hundred employees or thousands, operate in the UK or worldwide, you’ll find Cezanne HR is .

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Paul Cézanne was born on 19 January 1839 in Aix-en-Provence. On 22 February, he was baptized in the Église de la Madeleine, with his grandmother and uncle Louis as godparents, and became a devout Catholic later in life.Born: 19 January 1839, Aix-en-Provence, France. Leading Cloud-first HR system for HR pros Comprehensive and configurable, and designed for you. One of the new generation of modern, connected HR systems, Cezanne HR delivers the features, flexibility, performance and security that you, and your organisation, demand.

Locale alternativo, ottima accoglienza, ambiente interessante con un target elevato sui 50, music a a 360 gradi per tutti i gusti, una sala latina e una sala riservata agli anni 80 90 e di oggi, diverse le perle trance e techno suonate dall' abilissimo dj Fabrizio cignetti 😀, bravi! See More4.4/5(275). Genova - Venerdì 3 maggio 2019, al Cezanne Disco Club (via Cecchi 7 rosso, 010 541607), torna il venerdì con doppia pista disco e latina. La serata inizia come di consueto alle 20.30 con la cena a buffet, mentre dalle 21.30 si tiene il pre-ser. Cezanne Disco shared an album.4.4/5(275).

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