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The following table indicates at what ages compulsory education starts and ends, country by country. The most common age for starting compulsory education is 6, although this varies between 3 and 8. 28 In South Dakota, the compulsory age limit is 16 if a child enrolls in a general education development test preparation program that is school-based or for which a school contracts, and the child successfully completes the test or reaches the age of 18. 29 Vermont requires students to attend school until they are 16 or complete 10th grade.

Compulsory education is education that is required by law. Compulsory education laws exist not only in the United States, but in many other countries. Countries, and states for that matter, differ in the length of time that they require each young citizen to receive state-approved education. Read on to learn more about compulsory education. Jul 11, 2016 · Mandatory education for adults — even senior citizens? developed a model for putting into practice the principle that adult education and in-service training will be a mandatory element of Author: Valerie Strauss.

The Benefits of Compulsory Education. As a result of compulsory education, Ireland has one of the highest education rates in the world. 81% of Irish students' complete second level and approximately 60% of these students proceed to higher education. Compulsory education follows a holistic approach. Adult Education in Nevada is provided through local programs funded by the Nevada Department of Education. Students are eligible to participate in adult education if 18 years old or over or at least 16 years old and not subject to compulsory attendance; who are in need of basic math, reading, or language skills, a high school diploma or equivalency, and/or English literacy skills.