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Beginner & Intermediate. This class starts all together with a group warm-up and stretch, followed by basic tumbling drills. The class is then split into two groups: Beginner students require no prior gymnastics / tumbling experience; Intermediate students must at least be able to do either a front or back-handspring without a spot. ADULT APPARTUS Ages 18+, 55 minutes 1x week. This co-ed class for men and women with a penchant to learn basic progressions and skills on the respective apparatus. A one hour, once a week opportunity to learn new, or dust off old skills while enjoying the toning and conditioning benefits of gymnastics. No previous experience needed. Beginners.

Discover Adult Gymnastics and get started British Gymnastics Looking for a fresh challenge? Whether you're new to gymnastics or wanting to get back into the sport, adult gymnastics makes it easy. Come and join the adult gymnastics class that incorporates balance, flexibility, stretching, and strength while maintaining and enhancing your gymnastics abilities. It is the perfect work out that uses every muscle in your body and helps develop gymnastics skills for all levels.Location: 8450 Higuera Street, Culver City, 90232, California.

Here is the 10 best gymnastics classes near you for all ages and skill levels. Get pricing and see reviews by your neighborhood community. Want to see the top 10?5/5.