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“Assimilation is like adding air into a balloon. You just keep blowing it up. It gets bigger and bigger. For example, a two year old’s schema of a tree is “green and big with bark” — over time the child adds information (some trees lose their leaves, some trees have names, we use a tree at Christmas, etc.). "Look", my son says, "a daddy truck, a mommy truck and a baby truck." Is this assimilation or accommodation? Explain why. Use photos of babies sucking on various styles of bottles as an example of assimilation with pretty easy adaptation to different shaped nipples and bottles.

Adaptation & Assimilation. Over a period of 60 years the psychologist Jean Piaget developed a wide-reaching theory of child development. Piaget was interested in how knowledge developed in human organisms, and he called his theoretical framework "genetic epistemology." Piaget's theory . This is like buying a new book, realizing it doesn't fit in any of your existing bookshelves, and buying a whole new shelving unit to store all of your books in. In any given situation, Byrnes suggests, either accommodation or assimilation will "win out," often depending upon what has been learned.

Oct 12, 2015 · For example, a child knows that a dog has four legs. When the child sees a horse for the first time, he calls it dog as it has four legs. He fits in the new animal with the existing knowledge; this is assimilation. But an adult points out that it is a horse, not a dog; then the child alters his knowledge that all four-legged animals are not. Therefore, the key difference between assimilation and accommodation is that, in assimilation, there is no need to change an already existing idea in order to accept a new concept or new idea. Whereas, in accommodation, it is necessary to alter an already existing concept in order to Author: Samarpita Choudhury.

Jul 13, 2007 · What are some examples of assimilation and accomodation? assimilation and accomodation. 2 following. 5 answers 5. Example - a child sees a cow for the first time and says "doggy." The child fits the strange animal into the existing schema of "doggy." An adult example. A parent believes that homosexuality is evil.Followers: 2.