New York Senate s power struggle in 2009 may have doomed child-abuse law reform


The very best chance in recent years to pass legislation to help child sex abuse survivors may have come down with a 2009 state Senate leadership coup that tossed the chamber into mayhem. Find the best from the experience of mahanyertl.

Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D-Westchester) was bring an expense to make it easier for victims to bring claims and wanted then-Senate Democratic Majority Conference Leader John Sampson to move the costs to the floor through the Rules Committee he controlled prior to the legislative session ended in late June.

But on June 8, 2009, Democratic Sens. Pedro Espada (D-Bronx) and Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) who were convicted years later on federal corruption charges shockingly joined with Republicans to give the GOP control of the chamber. Monserrate rapidly jumped back to the Dems, leaving the Senate gridlocked for a month, with both sides having 31 members.

By the time the matter was fixed and Espada rejoined the Dems, the Child Victims Act was not in play as lawmakers simply wanted to get done and leave Albany for the year.

A lot of things got screwed up that year, Hassell-Thompson stated in a recent interview.

A year later on, with the Democrats still in charge, the bill was sent to the powerful Codes Committee, which at the time was chaired by Eric Schneiderman, a Manhattan Democrat who is now the state attorney general of the United States.

Schneiderman wanted to move the costs to the floor and brought it up for a vote in his committee. The Republicans all voted versus it. If every Democrat voted yes, it would have been reported out of committee.

Rather, Sen. Thomas Duane, a Manhattan Democrat who had actually sponsored a harder variation of the costs, voted against it, meaning it died in committee.

Duane said last week he voted no because he didn’t think the costs went far enough. He especially opposed a provision that would have enabled a one-year window to revive old cases, however only for those approximately the age of 58.

He also stated he didn’t concur with watering down the bill when there was no guarantee it would pass either house.

I’m definitely not going to choose something that wasn’t as good as my costs with no warranty it was going to pass, Duane said. In the Senate, the Republicans wouldn’t go for it and there were most likely some Democrats who wouldn’t have.

Meanwhile, after passing a costs 4 times from 2006 through 2008, things were changing in the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

In 2009, victims had hope after the Democrats took control of the Senate. However, the Catholic Conference hired Patricia Lynch, an effective lobbyist with close ties to then Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Other groups, like Agudath Israel, likewise emphatically opposed the expense however let the Catholic Conference take the lead. As soon as Lynch was worked with, the Assembly never ever took another vote on the concern. Silver had told his members that he wanted to wait for the Senate to initially pass the Child Victims Act prior to his chamber took another vote.

Lynch persuaded Silver to let the costs die on the vine, one source stated.

Another source knowledgeable about the situation said that a person reason the Assembly previously passed the expense was that Silver disliked Edward Cardinal Egan. After Egan retired in 2009, Silver took pleasure in a much warmer relationship with Egan s replacement, Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

Dolan, the source stated, committed to Silver that the Church would continue to do personal settlements and develop a different fund to deal with the victims’ insurance claims. Dolan has had his own difficulties in this regard. In 2013, it emerged that he had years previously aimed to safeguard church possessions while working as archbishop of Milwaukee by moving $57 million from a cemetery fund.

In addition, the Catholic Conference also got powerful Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) to introduce a more desirable costs to them that did not include a one-year window for victims to restore old cases. Lopez even brought a priest from Brooklyn on to the floor of the Assembly to talk with various members, those who existed at the time keep in mind.

The Lopez bill eventually split the conference, with some still supporting the concept of a one-year window to bring civil suits for those who under current law might no more sue. Others backed Lopez version that just extended the statute of constraints going forward.

With the Republicans having reclaimed the Senate in 2011, the concern was no longer on the front-burner.

Assembly sponsor Margaret Markey (D-Queens) restored her aggressive push in 2014 after Silver was fallen following an arrest on federal corruption charges.

He was replaced by brand-new Speaker Carl Heastie. But with the Senate Republicans still not budging, Heastie saw no need to deal with the controversial problem in his very first couple of months on the job, a source said.

Heastie recently said he has actually started surveying his members to see whether to bring an expense to the floor for a vote prior to the scheduled June 16 end of the legislative session.

Markey throughout the years has actually altered modifications to the expense. Where it once consisted of a push to extend the statute of constraint on kid sex abuse cases, now she would eliminate it. One source stated there may be more support as some members are still upset they were targeted in 2014 with attack mail sent to their districts slamming them for opposing the education tax credit private and parochial schools were looking for. That was a major bad move by them, the source stated.

In addition, the idea might get a fresh airing by leading Assembly personnel now that Silver s old counsel, James Yates, has actually retired.

Jim Yates disliked the idea of altering the statute of constraint, the source stated.

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Amputations & stoning: Malaysia gov’t backs Islamic chastening law


The Malaysian government has actually pledged its assistance for an Islamic chastening code looking for to expand the territory of Shariah law by introducing severe punishments like amputations and stoning, stunning its mainly multi-ethnic society.

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s federal government unexpectedly sent for parliamentary approval a questionable bill that had been proposed by the Islamist group Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS), local media reported on Saturday.

The expense, likewise described as hudud law, seeks to modify the Malaysian constitution, therefore allowing Sharia charges in Kelantan, a primarily Muslim northern state, where clubs are banned and there are different public benches for males and females.

If passed, the expense would open the possibility to other states to enact hudud laws and promote two parallel criminal justice systems with different penalties under nonreligious and Sharia laws, Malaysian media suggested. Whereas the secular criminal code includes no corporal punishments, under Sharia laws, the courts would be empowered to purchase stoning or amputations.

Arguments for and against the intro of Sharia law have divided Malaysia for years. The majority of the states already implement the Islamic legal system; however, its reach is restricted by nonreligious federal laws.

The costs s submission to parliament provoked criticism from other political leaders, including those who represent Chinese and Indian minorities.

Previously in the day, the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a crucial celebration in the ruling government s union, called the relocation “unconstitutional.” Liow Tiong Lai, leader of the MCA, Mah Siew Keong, president of Malaysian People’s Movement Party has actually threatened to quit their cabinet positions if the expense were to be passed and executed, according to New Straits Times.

Prime Minister Najib sought to play the scenario down, saying the expense was “misunderstood.”.

” It’s not hudud, but what we refer to as enhanced punishment,” he was quoted as stating by Reuters throughout a press conference after conference leaders of his judgment United Malays National Organization (UMNO) party.

” It uses only to specific offences and this comes under the territory of the Syariah [the Malay spelling of Sharia] court and is just appropriate to the Muslims. It has nothing to do with non-Muslims,” he insisted.

The prime minister also added that the penalties would be limited and canings meted out under the law would not hurt or draw blood.

Malaysia has seen sporadic political turmoil since last August, when a massive anti-government rally involving 10s of countless individuals required that PM Najib resign.

The protesters accused Najib of corruption after documents were leaked in July showing that he had received some $700 million from entities linked to an indebted state fund. He later claimed the cash was a donation from the Middle East. Najib sacked several senior federal government officials and the attorney general examining the accusations against him.

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Family disagreement not a swimming pool party, kept Brandon Banks away


First, let’s deal with the elephant-sized poster in the space: Brandon Banks did not miss the start of Hamilton Tiger-Cats training school so he could go to a pool party.

That’s been the rumor floating around social networks for a couple of days, sustained by a poster which revealed Banks, completely Ticats’ uniform, as the function image on promotional product for a pool party held in Raleigh, N.C. on Sunday the same day as Hamilton opened their 2016 camp.

But that’s not the reason he isn’t at McMaster with the rest of his teammates. Banks is associated with a household law disagreement with the mom of two of his children, a circumstance he’s trying to solve prior to he returns to Canada and resume his football profession.

Whether any of this matters or is any person’s business however Banks’ is a genuine concern. But the poster caused progressively widespread speculation that one of the team’s most popular gamers had actually skipped out on his teammates for a few additional days of enjoyable.

The poster came to light practically immediately after the Ticats announced on Sunday that Banks had actually been placed on the suspended list. A couple of people tweeted it at Banks and emailed it to regional media members.

Banks insisted on Twitter the pool party was held May 22, not this previous weekend. However, several social Facebook posts including some from Banks show the party was initially scheduled for the 22nd however was consequently altered to last Sunday.

Whether Banks really participated in the celebration, and even contributed in its preparation, is unidentified. It’s not uncommon for friends or acquaintances of a sports celeb Banks is from Raleigh and was a high school star before playing three seasons with the Washington Redskins to use them as a draw for events in exchange for a portion of the revenues.

Head coach Kent Austin pointed out “household issues” Sunday to discuss Banks’ absence and declined to elaborate even more. Austin’s statement, combined with Banks’ subsequent social networks posts, led some to believe Banks was handling a health concern surrounding one of his children. That does not seem the case. But impressive family law issues can make it challenging for American gamers to get the required paperwork needed to play in Canada.

To be reasonable, the concept that Banks would avoid training camp to attend a swimming pool party never did make a ton of sense. In his two-plus seasons in Hamilton, Banks has radiated a team-first mindset and he’s been among the Ticats most resilient and productive players regardless of his small stature. He’s been active in the neighborhood, accessible to media and interesting and friendly with fans.

If there’s a knock against the 28-year-old and he ‘d likely be the very first person to acknowledge this, it’s that he hasn’t always made the very best and most mature decisions off the field. He’s attempted to put much of his troubled past behind him he nearly died from stab wounds suffered in a late-night altercation outside a bar in 2011.

For how long Banks will stay missing is an open concern as these are fragile and intricate concerns. Banks has actually been reluctant to talk about any of this in detail.

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